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Um.... No. said Tell all your stupid fucking friends and family about this site. Greatest corner of the internet! Reply

Latex Parasite Furries said knot Reply

Hi said tler did nothing wrong Reply

Box said LSD anyone? Reply
» Chance The Trapper replied Some acid for a bad kid? Reply

NARbluebird said Is it just me or is this site useful? Reply

Big Dick Mcgee said oh whoops, oooh. i dropped my monster condom that i use for my magnum dong.

ReggiN said Yes. Reply

HLTV=BEST SITE ON THE INTERNET said i am a fat human being Reply

Rickie said He wants some acid Reply

Fuck My Life said Hello Reply

Abdulrahman said islam is a religion of peace Reply

Tosh! said LSD pleees Reply

Kip said Is it possible to make ugali ugali for one person ? Fuck. Send help Reply

Cray Mofo said I need lsd Reply
» Box replied Did you manage Reply

Bich said Roses are red, violets are blue, omae wa mou, shindeiru Reply

I said nothing Reply

Air said nothing Reply

Dan Sux said raph Reply

But Why said what the fucc Reply

Ye Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb said Nesscas is OTP. Reply

A Guy From His Mothers Basemen said I need more cheetos

James Dunne said my grandad has arthritis in his humongous thumbs lots of love James Dunne Reply

I said nothing Reply

Rokolos said Nurd Reply

Fuks said For fooks saik Reply

Lol said lmao Reply

Stupid Asshole said fuck you Reply

DF said Literally - "I literally laughed my head off" - Really? How the hell are you talking to me? Reply

Graham Leggett said Billion; A million Million = 1,000,000,000,000.
Trillion; A Million million million = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.
The Billion in use is a Milliard 1,000,000,000. It is mathematically incorrect, look at the prefix - Bi. I do not have one and a half wheels on my BIcycle Reply
» Enlightened One replied *insert respectful applause here*Thank you for enlightening me brother.May we spread the knoledge of the milliard and billion Reply

Faggot said I get what your trying to do...but at same time your making them better at scamming...So that kind of defeats the purpose. Reply

Your President said Alternative facts!!!! Reply

Yourstupid said your wrong this website is wrong!!! Reply
» NARbluebird replied Oh, really? I find that hard to believe. Also, their wrong what? Reply

XSniper_Godx said I sent this to a person because I am a grammar nazi and nothing better to do. I may be 13 but at least I know your means you are! Reply

JJ F Off said this is the internet. Leave correcting grammar to Jacksfilms and youre mom. Reply

Bah said why am I here Reply

Shigani said does anyone know where to get acid Reply

Old Feller said Darn kids, what do they learn in school these days? Reply

Order A Number 9 With Extra Ch said This is a comment. Reply

Kappa said your stupid Reply


Bitch said Stupid Reply

Bitch said Stupid Reply

Lelz said ur solves da probs Reply
» Ihate Mah Dumnes replied giykhiuouhuigyugyukgyu Reply

David Silver said thank you!
this is a very clear explanation!
i saw one here - http://edumuch.com/grammar/were-vs-were/
but this one is so much better Reply

Suke said Im so hard Reply

Bertiboo said b0ss pls Reply


James Dunne said oh my god your all so dumb how can you not get this right? even are 12 year old son can get this right Reply

Jason Horsley said new assignment Reply

Donald said YOUR FIRED LIST! Submit who you want Trump to fire when President. Reply

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